Loretta Castorini

Loretta Castorini

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Brooklyn. If Loretta’s not working, she’s at her parents' place. It's one of those big, old eccentric, three-story corner houses. To one side, it's got a gated arch that leads to an inner courtyard where three cars could park. It's got two cast-iron balconies. A third of the windows in the house are always lit. Inside, the rooms are filled with lumpy upholstered furniture. Its old and lived in.

Profession… bookkeeper for "the other half" of Manhattan. Her main client is a man named Conti who fancies himself an “artistic genius.” Frustrated, Loretta tells him, "if you're such an artistic genius, why can't you keep track of your receipts? How am I going to do your income tax? If you're an artistic genius, how come you got butter on your tie?" These things don't concern him as much as they concern her.

Interests… breaking her bad luck. She explains, “I was raised [to believe] that a girl gets married young. I didn't get married until I was twenty-eight. I met a man. I  loved him. I married him. He wanted to have a baby right away. I said no. Then he got hit by a bus. No man. No baby. No nothing! I did not know that man was a gift I could not keep.”

Relationship Status… going out with Johnny, even though she promised herself it was a one-time thing.

Challenge… bad luck. Loretta is supposed to marry Johnny, but his brother is becoming infatuated with her. There is no way to please everyone and all she wants is forgiveness for her sins.

Personality… hopeful. She explains, “A person can see where they've messed up in their life, and they can change how they do things, and they can change their Luck. Maybe my nature does draw me to Ronny, but I don't have to go with that. I can take hold of myself and say yes to some things and no to something that's just gonna ruin everything! I can do that. Otherwise, what is this stupid life that God gave us for what?”


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