Longfellow Deeds
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Longfellow Deeds

Mr. Deeds

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About Him

Overview… a pizza parlor manager in a small New England town who aspires to write greeting cards for Hallmark. One day he receives a visitor, a businessman from New York, who brings surprising news. It turns out that Mr. Deeds has inherited $40 billion from a long-lost cousin, the founder of communications conglomerate Blake Media. Overnight, Deeds has turned into a rich man. But the question is, can he hold his own amongst sophisticated and scheming New York types?

Personality... kind, generous and good-hearted. Deeds wants nothing more than to do something good with his life. Now that he's been given this vast amount of money, he hopes to put it towards a worthy cause before the conniving CEO of Blake Media, Chuck Cedar, gets to it first.

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Longfellow Deeds
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