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Living… in Berlin, Germany. Lola lives in a comfortable but disorganized apartment. She keeps her apartment messy and unkempt, much like her casual appearance.

Profession… associate to her criminal boyfriend, Manni. Lola helps him secure jobs with his boss, Ronnie. She arrives on her moped as his getaway during important but illegal missions, usually involving drugs and expensive cars.

Relationship Status… in a relationship with her boyfriend, Manni. He isn’t the brightest guy, but Lola loves him anyway.

Challenge… coming up with 100,000 marks in 20 minutes. After Lola fails to arrive on time at the pick-up point when her moped was stolen from her, Manni runs to the subway. He accidentally leaves a bag full of money on the subway when the police show up unexpectedly. Unable to recover the bag, Manni calls Lola for help. She must run as fast as she can to make up the money before Manni robs a store in desperation, or else Ronnie will kill Manni. Along the way, Lola must choose the correct path and make the right decisions, all which will affect the outcome of the future, not only for herself, but for everyone around her.

Personality… eccentric, yet responsible and determined. A disappointment to her "normal" banker father, Lola is quirky and different, sporting tattoos and bright red hair. Yet Lola is usually the one making sure that Manni stays out of trouble. Even though Manni is short with her, being terrified of his fate, Lola is devoted and caring, and will do anything to save him.

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