Lola Steppe
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Lola Steppe

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

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About Her

Grew Up… in the center of the world, New York City. Lola sees herself as a sophisticated New Yorker who thrives on the chaos of city life.

Living… in Dellwood, New Jersey. Lola is devastated when her mom drags her from the wild island of Manhattan to what she believes to be the middle of nowhere: New Jersey. After moving, “[she] sunk into a depression only Hamlet would recognize.”

Profession… high school student and aspiring actress. It’s Lola’s dream to become a Broadway star, which she can’t very well do all the way out in Jersey. Luckily, however, her new high school is putting on a play – the perfect showcase for her talents.

Interests… rock ‘n roll. Aside from acting, Lola’s only other passion is rock band Sidarthur, especially its lead singer, Stu Wolff. She worships them, and even goes on a hunger strike when she learns about the band’s recent breakup.

Relationship Status… single. Lola’s too obsessed with Stu Wolff to have eyes for any other man… until she meets a cute guy at her new school named Sam.

Challenge… getting the lead part in the school play, even if it means becoming mortal enemies with the popular yet ruthless Carla. Like Lola, Carla also has dreams of becoming a Broadway star, and she isn’t about to let the new girl get in her way.

Personality… melodramatic, vain, and desperate for attention. Come on, she’s a “drama queen.” Lola wants nothing more out of life than to be glamorous, and she’ll even lie in order to construct a more “interesting” image of herself. Then again, she’s a teen-ager, so she may grow out of it somewhat. But for the next few years at least, watch out.

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