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Grew Up... as the angel of death, a devoted servant of God. After unleashing another plague on Egypt (his tenth!), Loki went drinking with his angel friend Bartleby who convinced him to give up his duties and rebel against God (by giving him the finger). Bartleby and Loki were immediately banished from heaven and forced to spend the rest of eternity in a place worse than hell. Wisconsin.

Living… on the verge of a loophole that will take him home, to heaven. With the hundred-year anniversary of a church in New Jersey, Loki only needs to walk through its gates to be blessed and sent back to heaven (against God’s will). Loki is not as restless in Wisconsin as Bartleby, but is ready for some type of change. On their way, Loki convinces Bartleby to go out with a bang – by killing sinful souls along the way (just like old times).

Profession… ex-angel of death. Loki respects his old position, bragging that, “mass genocide is the most exhausting activity one can engage in, next to soccer.” Bartleby doubts that Loki still has the old fire in him, but Loki quickly proves otherwise.

Interests… flaming swords, Desert Eagle pistols, getting out of Wisconsin.

Relationship Status… single. Angels have no sexual reproductive organs. To have sex, Loki would have to cut off his wings and become human.

Challenge… return to heaven. If he has learned one lesson during his long stay in Wisconsin, it is that heaven rules. Loki doesn’t necessarily take back his rebellious words, but certainly wishes that he had stayed in God’s good graces. Now he must evade capture by all of God’s forces and reach the church in New Jersey, which is his only hope of salvation.

Personality… murderous, rebellious, perhaps the most dangerous figure to ever walk the face of the earth (after Lucifer himself). He has very little respect for human life and kills without conscience – he justifies his kills by deeming his victims sinners.

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