Lois Wilkerson
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Lois Wilkerson

Malcolm in the Middle

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Living... in a cramped, disorderly house in the Tri-County Area with her husband Hal, and three of their four (later five) sons: Reese, Malcolm, and Dewey, capped off by baby Jamie. Frankly, it’s a wonder the house is still standing.

Profession... cashier at Lucky Aide, a local pharmacy. She doesn't like the job and it doesn't pay nearly enough to support her family. But combined with her husband's income, they make just enough to get by, although they always seem to be in a financially "tight" spot.

Interests... control. Lois cannot stand when something is out of her jurisdiction. She feels that she is right 100 percent of the time, no matter the evidence against her. For example, when she receives a traffic violation ticket, she decides to vehemently fight it, genuinely believing that there is absolutely no way she could be in the wrong – even though she is caught on film breaking the law. In her words, "The tape is wrong. I was pulled over by a corrupt cop for a traffic violation that I didn't commit."

Relationship Status... married to Hal, with whom she ultimately has five sons. Hal's family constantly bemoans the fact that he married her, feeling that she is too domineering and "low-class,” but Hal doesn’t seem to complain. (Of course, he may be too afraid of Lois to make a peep.) Even after all their years of marriage and having to deal with their nearly uncontrollable children, they are still very attracted to each other and make love whenever – and wherever – they can.

Challenge... learning to play better with others. Lois feels that she is always right and that she needs to win every argument, no matter how insignificant. She will debate anyone on virtually any issue. And don't even think about telling her she is not doing a good job as a mother.

Personality... overbearing. She often feels the need to make decisions for her husband and kids, micro-managing as a matter of principle. She’s a firm disciplinarian bordering on occasional cruelty, once telling her son Reese, “Your punishment isn't over until that bathroom floor is so clean you'll be eating off it. Which is what you'll be doing for the next three weeks." But her boys generally show that if left to their own devices they will indeed get into mayhem, and Hal certainly isn’t going to keep them in line. Being the “bad cop” is a tough and often thankless job, but in this family, somebody has to do it. 

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