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Living... in Smallville, Kansas, with the Kent family as she finishes high school. She came to town to investigate the death of her cousin (and Clark Kent’s good friend), Chloe Sullivan. Lois finds out that not only is Chloe alive, but also that investigating a mystery is a lot of fun.

Profession... high school student and reporter for the student newspaper, the Smallville Torch. But she’s completing credits she missed when she dropped out of high school. That means she’s older than Clark and his friends – and tougher too. Lois only wants to write the stories that require her martial arts skills to come in handy along the way.

Interests… investigating the weird world of Smallville. But she still has her fair share of fun. She’ll destroy you in Guitar Hero and drink you under the table.

Relationship Status... single, and when we first meet her, definitely not interested in Clark. He just gets in her way. But the more they work together, the more they get along. She just might fall in love with Clark, especially if she ever finds out about his secret powers.

Challenge... being dropped into a middle-of-nowhere town with an almost impossible goal: proving her cousin isn’t dead. She accomplishes that, and tends to fulfill most other things she sets her mind too. Lois is tenacious – a quality you need when you’re suddenly in a town with a whole lot of secrets to uncover.                                                                                  

Personality... stubborn, persistent, and brave – exactly the skills that will one day make her the crown jewel of the Daily Planet writing staff. For now though, she’s learning how to use that boldness for something more positive than just butting heads with Clark, who she not-so-endearingly nicknames “Smallville.”

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