Lois Lane

Lois Lane

    DC Extended Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Metropolis, a city of 11 million people and endless stories.

Profession… Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for Metropolis’s premier newspaper, The Daily Planet. Lois is completely dedicated to her work, and will do anything to chase down a promising story. While Lois has published a host of influential articles in her career, her current story might just be her biggest ever: an expose of an extraterrestrial living on Earth.

Interests… the truth. Lois Lane is determined to expose corruption wherever she finds it. She loves her job and has dedicated her life to it.

Relationship status… single, for now. While investigating a government dig in the Arctic, she met a superhuman being who was undeniably attractive. When the two are thrown together to save Earth from General Zod, sparks fly between the two.

Challenge… tracking down Clark Kent, the superhuman man she met in the Arctic, and helping him fight General Zod’s invasion. Clark saved Lois’s life from an alien defense system while she was poking around the spaceship that the government recovered from the Arctic, and then simply disappeared. Never one to let a story go, Lois is determined to find out the man’s true identity – even though her bosses initially think she sounds like a crackpot spouting about “aliens” and “men who can shoot lasers out of their eyes.”

Personality… principled, self-reliant, and fiercely intelligent. Lois Lane’s journalistic success is the result of her brains and tenacity. She’s able to recognize stories that other people ignore, and she will doggedly pursue her leads until discovering the information she needs. Lois is not driven by a desire for wealth or fame, but rather a strong commitment to journalistic ethics and a desire to make the world a better place.


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