Logan Echolls
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Logan Echolls

Veronica Mars

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About Him

Grew Up… in Neptune, California. With famous movie stars as parents, one would assume that Logan had an amazing childhood. But, his father’s abusive tendencies and mother’s neglect led him to become a mean-spirited and spoiled young man. After the death of his girlfriend Lilly, he turned into a vindictive monster. 

Living… with his parents in their mansion. He spends most of his time in the pool house brooding, hiding from his parents, or hanging out with his friends.

Profession… student at Neptune High. Logan is the ringleader of the 09ers, the popular group at school. The term is generally applied to anyone who lives in the 90909 ZIP Code – home to Hollywood’s industry leaders, trophy wives, and bratty children. Logan’s main job as head of the 09ers is to bully anyone he considers beneath him. Logan has been known to have a truly sinister side, causing serious pain and emotional damage to those he hates.

Interests… playing with the numerous toys he buys using his parents’ credit cards.

Relationship Status… single. Logan is still mourning Lilly’s death, even though he occasionally hooks up with other girls. 

Challenge… ruining Veronica’s life. Veronica’s father, the sheriff of Neptune at the time, accused Lilly’s father of the murder, much to the community’s horror and dismay. Veronica chose to stand by her father, rather than her friends. Because of this, Logan decided that Veronica’s life should be ruined. From small pranks to serious threats of violence, Logan refuses to stop until Veronica is in as much misery as he is.

Personality… arrogant and confident on the outside. But on a deeper level, it’s clear that he’s an emotionally vulnerable child who has had his few moments of happiness taken away. Everything he does is to evade the pain of being abused by his father, neglected by his mother, teased by his adopted sister, and haunted by the death of his girlfriend.

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