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About Him

Grew up... in an affluent Chinese-American family. Lloyd earned his BA in art history from Sarah Lawrence College and went on to earn his MBA from Stanford. He certainly paid his dues: “I worked 18 hours a day to save the money to put myself through Stanford business school. While I was there, I cleaned the cafeteria during the hours I wasn’t studying, and still graduated top of my class.”

Living… under the complete control of his boss, Ari Gold, in Hollywood. Lloyd is getting his real education from the high-powered and high-energy Ari, who is teaching him how to lie, manipulate and intimidate. The dark arts don’t come naturally to Lloyd: “This lying is making me break out. God, I have a date tonight!”

Profession… assistant to Hollywood agent Ari Gold. It seems like Lloyd’s main job is to act as Ari’s punching bag. As a gay minority, Lloyd suffers through an endless stream of insults and slurs: “[Ari] told me if I disturbed him he’d chop me up Benihana style.”

Interests… his career. Lloyd only puts up with Ari’s racial and homophobic remarks for the sake of his job. He feels he has to let Ari, the most powerful agent in Hollywood, walk all over him, because Ari has the ability to make Lloyd a power player of his own if Ari judges him worthy.

Relationship Status... single, for now. Lloyd seems to do just fine attracting guys, but working crazy hours for a capricious boss makes it tough to have a real relationship.

Challenge… becoming an agent. Lloyd wants to represent his own clients and make his own business. Despite Ari’s abuse, Lloyd has learned from his foul-mouthed and belligerent ways. As Lloyd tells Ari, “I know the endgame… and you, Ari Gold, you are it.”

Personality… strong. He’s willing to fight to the death for Ari and his clients – and manage to look good while doing it. As much as Ari abuses him, Ari knows the truth: Lloyd is a valuable asset.

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