Lizzie Samuels
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Lizzie Samuels

The Walking Dead

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About Him

Overview... an intense little girl. Unlike her father, who remembers the world before the bloodthirsty undead took over, Lizzie spent her formative years in a hellish apocalypse. That’s given her a very strange morality; she’s incredibly pessimistic, often assuming the worst has happened to people who leave her group. She strives to be a good role model for her little sister Mika, but Lizzie often has trouble telling right from wrong. She’s infatuated by the darker things in her world – particularly the undead walkers.

Personality... alternately sweet and harsh. Even amongst the other children in this apocalyptic world, Lizzie is an unusual child. Though she can be playful and kind, her compassion is often misguided. She believes the walkers are just a new form of humanity and tries to empathize or care for them. When others attempt to dissuade her of that notion, Lizzie can become violent and petulant.

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