Liz Taylor

Liz Taylor

    American Horror Story

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Topeka, Kansas. Before transitioning, Liz would express her identity as a woman by secretly stealing clothing from their wife. This would continue for years until a business trip would bring Liz to the Hotel Cortez, where Liz met Elizabeth, “the Countess,” an extravagantly dressed woman who reaffirms Liz’s identity as a woman, and offered her a job at the hotel.

Living… in Los Angeles, at the Hotel Cortez. Liz has found a new family here, welcomed by the supernatural outcasts that reside in the hotel. They look after each other, but Liz didn't completely abandon her family in Kansas. She continues to send them money until her son turns eighteen.

Profession… working the front desk and bar for the Hotel Cortez. Liz shares her front desk job with Iris, and the two get along well enough. Liz is observant of everything that happens at the hotel. As she says, “You see everything when the world doesn’t see you.”

Interests… the arts. Liz’s most obvious interest is in fashion, as Liz is always wearing flowing, flashy clothing along with statement earrings and dramatic eyeshadow. When a fashion show is held at the hotel, Liz even teaches others how to Vogue. She also enjoys literature, some of her favorite authors include Emily Bronte and Oscar Wilde.

Relationship Status… separated from her wife, who she had only married because they had similar dress sizes. However, that wasn't the end of romance for Liz, as the hotel sees new residents often. 

Challenge… being loyal to the hotel and its gruesome requirements while wanting to save people from facing a gory fate there. Liz also must deal with people that are unaccepting of her as a trans woman, and others who want to control who she wants to love. She also has unfinished business with her son, and she is concerned about whether he will be accepting of her. 

Personality… nonchalant, inquisitive, and an excellent people reader. Liz knows about everything that happens in the hotel, and she enjoys keeping secrets. And for the right amount of money, she’ll dish them out, easily. Her painful background keeps her kind, and she will always take a liking to anyone who has been told they are a monster.


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