Livia Soprano
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Livia Soprano

The Sopranos

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About Her

Grew up… surrounded by criminals. Even though Livia had always been on the outside of her husband’s mafia life, she was the one with the true sociopathic disposition. Livia can manipulate and terrorize like a true gangster.

Living… alone in New Jersey, which is getting to be a bit too stressful for her children. Livia doesn’t want to go into a nursing home. When her son Tony finally confronts her about moving into Green Grove retirement community, she doesn’t hide her feelings: “Then kill me now. Go on now, go into the ham and take the carving knife and stab me, here, here, now, please! It would hurt me less than what you just said.”

Profession… housewife, now retired. Livia was “Johnny Boy” Soprano’s trusted wife and companion. Being married to the mob is a serious profession.

Relationship Status… widowed. “Johnny Boy” Soprano passed away from emphysema years ago, leaving Livia alone. Now that she’s getting older, her son Tony has to take on the responsibility of caring for her. Tony’s flighty sister Janice can hardly be relied upon.

Challenge… being happy. Livia has long battled with undiagnosed depression, and her tendency to manipulate and hurt her children is only being exacerbated by her old age. It’s bad enough that Livia can’t seem to find joy in her own life, but she also sucks it out of everyone else’s. Livia has always made life a living hell for the Soprano family, even though she’ll never admit to the power she has over her son Tony: “Power? What power? I don’t have power! I’m a shut-in!”

Personality… morose and criminally manipulative. She constantly torments her family and friends, all while perceiving herself as being the true victim. Consider one of her favorite catchphrases: “I wish the Lord would take me now!” One of these days, He will, and few will truly mourn Livia’s passing.

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