Lisbeth Salander

Lisbeth Salander

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in a dysfunctional family. After an incident when she was 12, Lisbeth was taken away from her family and assigned to a legal guardian. She spent a few years locked in a mental ward for violent behavior, and then in and out of foster homes.

Living... in Stockholm. She lives alone, which she likes. Typically, seven minutes is the absolute maximum she can stand to be in someone else's company.

Profession... researcher, which really means she is a professional hacker. She is a self-described information junkie and has a photographic memory, so it's the perfect job for her. She gets a lot of satisfaction from her work. As she says, "If I can hurt a bastard who deserves it by digging up stuff about him, then I feel good."

Interests... getting tattoos and piercings. She can never have too many. Lisbeth has a dragon on her left shoulder blade, a wasp on her neck, loops around an ankle and an arm, a Chinese symbol on her hip, and a rose on one calf.

Relationship Status... single. Lisbeth doesn't have a type. She is open to dating women as well as men. Now she's involved with her fellow investigator Mikael. She knows it's not the best idea to get involved with a colleague, but he is the first person to ever treat her as a human being. And as he says, they have a connection as addictive as heroin.

Challenge... a tough case. Lisbeth and Mikael were hired to search for a woman named Harriett Vanger, who has been missing for forty years and is presumed dead. Her body was never found, so a family member is still holding out hope. But the truth may turn out to be even worse than anyone imagined.

Personality... detached and tough. She has to be. Since she was twelve, she has been fending for herself because she couldn't trust anyone else. So she has taken her life in her own hands and will do whatever it takes to survive and get revenge. Though along the way, she hasn't totally given up on trying to find happiness in her life - for once.


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