Lisa McDowell
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Lisa McDowell

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About Her

Living... in Queens, New York with her father, Cleo McDowell, and younger sister, Patrice.

Profession... helps manage her father's burger restaurant, McDowell's. Cleo insists that McDowell’s shouldn’t under any circumstances be confused with McDonald's, even though (or precisely because) it seems to be a blatant rip-off. Lisa also occasionally organizes community events. When Akeem – the prince of Zamunda who has secretly come to America to find a wife – first sees her while she is giving a speech during “Black Awareness Week,” he is awestruck. Akeem decides to get an undercover job sweeping floors and slinging fries at McDowell’s just so he can be close to her.

Interests... working, hanging out with her sister, reading, going to museums, and attending the odd basketball game. Lisa is a pretty normal girl... that is, until she gets caught up in some royal chaos!

Relationship Status... dating Darryl, the “pretty obnoxious” heir to the Soul Glo hair product empire. A deceitful, controlling, and dim-witted man, Darryl gets along swell with Lisa's father, who would love nothing more than to see Lisa marry Darryl and inherit his riches. But while Akeem has made it his goal to win Lisa’s heart, he wants to see if he can do so as a lowly fast-food worker rather than an African prince so he’ll know she truly loves him rather than his money and title.

Challenge... maintaining her independence. That means choosing between her desires and those of the people around her. She tells Akeem, “I'm not going to be pressured into marriage – not by Darryl, my father, or anybody.” In declaring this, she finds a kindred spirit in the prince, who also struggles to choose between his heart and his duty.

Personality... kind, level-headed, and attractive. Despite having her pick of men and being so beautiful that “someone ought to put [her] on a plate and sop [her] up with a biscuit,” Lisa is a very modest woman who sees beyond material things. She constantly assures Akeem that she does not care about his socioeconomic status, and that she instead values having someone who listens to her and treats her as his equal. Moreover, compared to her father, who is too concerned with getting money; and her sister, who is too concerned with getting men; Lisa is sensible and prefers to stay out of any messy business. But the arrival of – and the romantic advances from – the incognito prince promises to upend her life.

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