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Lisa Hesselman


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About Her

Living… a quiet life in Ohio. Lisa lives alone, but happily. Her life is simple, but she takes pleasure in the little things and she’s O.K. with that.

Visiting… Cincinnati with her friend Emily. They are both big fans of Michael Stone – the motivational speaker and author of the customer service self-help book How May I Help You Help Them? – and he’s speaking at the Fregoli Hotel. The whole trip is a big deal for Lisa, who never treats herself to fancy hotels or gets the chance to meet her idols.

Profession… customer service representative. She spends her days helping people over the phone, a job she takes pride in by perfecting her voice. A scar along the side of her face keeps Lisa from wanting to spend a lot of time in face-to-face interactions, and so her phone job where she can remain hidden is perfect for her.

Interests… apple mojitos and singing ­– specifically, singing her favorite song, Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” The lyrics of the song speak to Lisa in a beautiful way, and so she loves singing it.

Relationship Status… single. It’s been years since Lisa’s last relationship, which was with a man twice her age. Lisa doesn’t have much confidence when it comes to dating; she finds it hard to believe why someone would be interested in her. But, when she meets Michael, she is in awe of the attention that he gives her.

Challenge… being comfortable in her own skin. Lisa is used to being the mousey, quiet friend, the one who hides in the background and doesn’t get noticed. But, she just might have a light to share with the rest of the world; she needs to believe in herself enough to let it out.

Personality… insecure, sweet, and optimistic. Lisa is an ordinary person living an ordinary life. She is ignorant of most worldly things, but she finds meaning and beauty in simplicity.

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