The Legend of Zelda

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in a small village in Hyrule. Hyrule is a magical kingdom that contains a diverse set of species and climates, but it’s most important feature is that it holds the sacred, powerful relic, the Triforce.

Profession... budding hero. Though just a simple village boy, Link learns that he is a descendant of Hylian heroes, destined to protect Hyrule and serve the Royal Family. As the hero of time, Link is reborn throughout history, always with the purpose of fighting and defeating the evil Ganon.

Interests… adventuring, helping others, practicing his swordsmanship. Link tends to help out the people of his village, whether chasing down rogue chickens or cutting the grass with his trusty sword. But he usually gets restless for adventure – which is convenient, because the world is in need of saving.

Relationship Status... single. Link is only a teenage boy, but many girls around his town think he’s pretty cute. He usually freezes up and gets bashful around girls who flirt with him. While they don’t have time for real romance, he’s bound by destiny to Princess Zelda, and the two have a relationship that exists between their various reincarnations all throughout time.

Challenge... to fulfill his destiny, save Princess Zelda, and stop the evil Ganon from taking over Hyrule. Link possesses the mark of the Triforce on the back of his hand, which means that he is a hero with a righteous heart chosen to claim the Triforce. But powerful monsters roam throughout Hyrule, so first he needs to locate and learn how to wield the powerful Master Sword in order to defeat them.

Personality... courageous, humble, and strong. Link risks his life fighting vicious monsters and crossing the treacherous lands of Hyrule. Even though he’s just a young boy, he’s destined to become a true hero.


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