Lindsey Brigman
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Lindsey Brigman

The Abyss

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Overview… a hardened and intelligent oil rig designer. Lindsey has to put up with a lot of misogynistic talk from her crew, but she can dish it out just as well as the greasiest rig worker. But Lindsey is at her worst when she’s around her estranged husband, the rough-n-tumble driller, Bud Brigman. The two only speak to each other when they have to, and unfortunately circumstance has trapped them on the same job together. Lindsey and Bud have been put in charge of a top-secret government rescue operation somewhere near the Cayman Trough, and it seems that they’re the only two qualified to save the day.

Personality… quick-witted, smart, and tough. Dr. Brigman has made a name for herself designing the high-tech rigs that drill 2,000 feet beneath the earth’s surface, but she’s just as capable of working in those conditions, too. Part brain, part muscle, Lindsey is the perfect woman for any deep-sea job. Though it’s probably best to keep her as far away from her husband as possible – the two are prone to digging up old issues.

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