Lindsay Bluth Funke

Lindsay Bluth Funke

    Arrested Development
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in her twin brother Michael’s house with much of the rest of her family. Lindsay had been staying at the Four Seasons for a month and was almost surely charging the family-owned business, The Bluth Company. But she realized it would actually be cheaper for her to move in.

Profession… carrying the liberal cause on her shoulders. Every week Lindsay finds a new flag to wave, whether it’s opposing circumcision, anti-Iraq war protests, euthanasia, or graft-versus-host disease awareness. These things don’t make her money, per se, but they give her something to do. Lindsay could also use some cash to support her husband Tobias, but she’s much better at spending money (especially from the family company’s coffers) than she is at earning it. None of her crusades feel genuine since being seen supporting a cause seems more important to her than the cause itself.

Interests… climbing the social ladder. Lindsay is bound to steal whatever scene she’s in, and she's completely shameless about her social-climber tendencies. Unable to transcend her petty need for prestige, she embraces it fully, smiling for the world while pining for her next martini.

Relationship Status… married to a man she suspects is gay. She married Tobias as a youthful act of defiance, but it’s becoming harder for her to look the other way.

Challenge… living in the debris of her destruction – a marriage of convenience, a free-wheeling anarchic daughter, perpetual debt – but she knows that life isn’t what happens so much as how you deal with it. Even if those coping mechanisms include day-drinking and spending money one doesn’t have.

Personality… seemingly an ice princess. But Lindsay always seems to snap out of that before it’s too late. it’s in the moments where things couldn’t get worse that Lindsay somehow pulls herself and the family together. It’s her knack for ruthless manipulation that makes her moments of genuine compassion all the more heart-warming. She’s not bad at heart – she's just trying to delay her rude awakening as long as possible.


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