Linda Barrett

Linda Barrett

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… faster than most teenagers. Around Ridgemont High, Linda's known as a sexual sage who's always ready to offer advice for younger, less experienced girls. “It’s no huge thing,” she says. “It’s just sex.”

Visiting… her friend Stacy's house. Little does Linda know that Stacy’s older brother has a thing for her—especially when Linda's wearing her tight red bikini.

Profession… waitress at a restaurant in the mall. Though she’s still a senior at Ridgemont High, the airheaded Linda doesn’t spend much of her time studying.

Interests… boys, sex, and dating. Linda’s favorite topic of conversation is boys, but that doesn’t necessarily make her a romantic. "You want romance?” she asks incredulously, after Stacy confesses her desire for a relationship. “In Ridgemont? We can’t even get cable TV here, Stacy, and you want romance?!”

Relationship Status… in a relationship with an older man named Doug, who works for an airline in Chicago. To the great disappointment of her male classmates, Linda seems to have a thing for older men.

Challenge… successfully coaching Stacy through her first sexual experience. When the virginal Stacy decides she needs to get some experience, Linda finds herself playing the role of cheerleader to the younger girl. Linda, it turns out, has a huge influence over her friend, but it's unclear whether or not Linda's advice is what the young romantic needs.

Personality… sophisticated and experienced…sort of. Linda likes to talk a big game when it comes to sex and dating, but the truth is that she’s just as lost as Stacy.


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