Linda Ash
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Linda Ash

Mighty Aphrodite

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About Her

Grew Up… on the road. Linda ran away from home when she was fourteen, and she hasn't been back since. After a series of unsuccessful relationships, she's finally settled in New York, turning tricks for a living.

Living… in New York City’s grim underworld. Despite her heart of gold, Linda is mixed up in a bad business with some shady people. In spite of her circumstances, however, she has big dreams of being a stage actress.

Profession… prostitute and part-time porn star. As a porn star, Linda is known for starring in such films as “Beaver Patrol”; as a prostitute, she's appreciated by clients for because she’s “funny and can take a joke." Linda doesn't exactly extend the same level of respect for her clients, but, well, she's good at the job, and that's what matters.

Interests… not sex, but drama. Linda’s real ambition is to be “on Broadway in a musical.” She claims to study under an acting coach named Paul DeLuca, who tells her that she’s “gonna make it big.”

Relationship Status… single, and certainly not looking for love. However, she's forming an odd friendship with a man named Lennie, who insists on just talking rather than having sex. It's a lack of confidence she appreciates: “I can’t stand those johns who come in a and throw a couple of hundred and whip out a big dick and wave it all over the joint.” Little does Linda know, however, that Lennie has adopted Linda’s long lost child, who happens to be a boy genius.

Challenge… lifting herself out of her bad circumstances. With Lennie’s help, Linda has managed to extricate herself from her abusive pimp and meet a nice, caring man. Meanwhile, under the surface, both Lennie and Linda – an unlikely pair to say the least – have started to fall for each other.

Personality… airy, ditzy and crude, though genuinely kind and understanding. Linda might not be too bright and she might have a bad job, but underneath it all, this young hooker has a genuinely good soul.

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