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Grew Up… a resident of TriKru, somewhere in the woods of what was likely once Washington, D.C. Not much else is known about Lincoln’s family or upbringing, and he likes keeping it that way.

Living… on a post-apocalyptic Earth. Lincoln is a member of the Grounders, a warrior culture that survived the nuclear apocalypse.

Profession… warrior and healer. Lincoln is a skilled fighter, and he always carries medicine with him. He often serves as a mediator between his people and those who recently came from space (the “Sky People”) to see if Earth is potentially inhabitable again. The Sky People had been living on a giant ship called the Ark, but it’s getting overcrowded and so the Ark’s powers-that-be sent a group of mostly juvenile delinquents known as The 100 to Earth to test things out. It’s created all sorts of mayhem on our little blue planet.

Interests… art. Lincoln carries a journal with him, which he can often be found drawing in. His sketches are mostly memorials of his village and people from his past.  

Relationship Status… in love with Octavia Blake. Octavia is one of The 100 that were sent down to earth from space. Octavia’s brother took Lincoln as a prisoner and tortured him until Octavia saved Lincoln’s life by helping him escape. They have been in love ever since, despite the constant warring between the Grounders and the Sky People.

Challenge… maintaining the peace in his world. Lincoln also wants keep his relationship with Octavia going despite the battles between their people. With the help of Finn (another sympathetic Sky Person) and Octavia, Lincoln frequently attempts to make peace between his people and the Sky People.

Personality… stoic, strong, and a loner. Lincoln spent most of his time by himself before Octavia came into his life. He’s very diplomatic, and despite being a loner, he’s constantly concerned for his people and for humanity.  

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