Lincoln Six Echo
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Lincoln Six Echo

The Island

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About Him

Grew Up… in what he’s been lead to believe is the last remaining community of humans on earth. Lincoln Six Echo has spent his entire life in a compound somewhere deep underground, safe from the contaminated world outside.

Living… in a strange utopia. Lincoln is provided with everything he needs in the compound. He is given food, clothing, and a clean living space. The only thing he’s lacking is purpose.

Profession… none. Lincoln and the other humans in the compound simply wait for their opportunity to leave. They’ve been told that there is one last place on earth that has not been contaminated: The Island, a tropical paradise where a select few humans can live out the rest of their lives in peace.

Interests… his strange dreams. Lincoln Six Echo has been tormented by the same dream for most of his life. “It’s always the same dream,” he says, “I’m on a boat, headed to The Island,” and then, “I drown.”

Relationship Status… single. Relationships are not allowed in the compound, though Lincoln Six Echo feels a strange drive to touch the beautiful Jordan Two Delta.

Challenge… escaping. After Lincoln discovers that the world outside has not been contaminated, and that selection for The Island is merely a death sentence, he vows to escape from the maximum-security compound. “The only think you can count on is that people will do anything to survive,” he says. “I just want to live, I don’t care how.”

Personality… inquisitive and strong willed. When Lincoln Six Echo discovers the truth about the Island, his entire worldview is turned upside down – along with his personality. Although he starts off as reserved and obedient, he becomes vocal and rebellious with a single purpose: exposing the truth and saving his fellow inmates.

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