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About Her

Grew up… under the cruel dictates of the Insect Aspect religion. An insect race, the khepri develop differently from humans. While females have the heads of beetles and the bodies of humans, the males are largely dumb, mindless insects. Raised by her fanatical mother, Lin and her sisters were "taught to worship and serve their mindless brothers" at the expense of their own interests and bodies.

Living… in New Crozubon, where she's forged a new life for herself. After running away from her broodma, Lin landed in the city, where human and non-human coexist. Well, perhaps coexist isn't the right word – there's still plenty of prejudice against Xenians, but Lin has learned to take it in stride. Anything's better than home, after all.

Profession… artist. By working their spit, khepri can create gorgeous statues that, if unorthodox in New Crozubon's human-centric atmosphere, are widely admired by its artistic connoisseurs. 

Interests… art, the more avant-garde, the better. Unlike her khepri sisters, Lin does not work communally, but by herself, and while other khepri aim for heroic scenes, Lin's tried "to spit out something…nasty. Tried to make some of the grand figures we all made together a little less perfect."

Relationship Status… dating Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin, a human scientist. Since cross-species love is frowned upon in New Crozubon, they keep their relationship fairly secret, much to Lin's unhappiness.

Challenge… surviving her newest job. When Lin's fellow artist, Lucky Gazid, brings her an offer from a drug lord, Lin is enticed by both the glamour of the job and the amount of the money. However, Mr. Motley is more ruthless than Lin expects, and if her art doesn't meet his expectations, Lin might find herself with much bigger problems than money...  

Personality… creative and independent. Lin has built a life for herself and by herself, and she's fiercely proud of it. A freethinker even as a child, Lin is used to confronting others' disapproval. But even a life as an outcast may not prepare her to face down her new boss. 

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