Black Swan
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Manhattan, at the center of New York’s elite ballet world. Lily has proven herself to be one of the best dancers in her prestigious company, though she’s consistently been turned down for the biggest parts. 

Profession… dancer. Lily wants to be the best dancer in the company, and she sees the new production of Swan Lake as her chance to show off her passion. The only thing getting in her way is her colleague Nina, the prissy perfectionist who’s managed to captivate Thomas Leroy, the company’s director. 

Interests… having fun. Lily is unique in the ballet world: she manages to maintain an active social life and an appetite for partying while sticking to the discipline that ballet requires. Though Lilly’s impulse to go out and party can sometimes be a bit dangerous. 

Relationship Status… single. Lily, who just wants to have fun, likes to be aggressive with men. She’s not shy about her sexuality.

Challenge… sabotage Nina and play the role of the Swan Queen. Lily, Thomas admits, has more passion than Nina, whom he thinks is too uptight. Though, Lily will never be able to usurp her rival by talent alone. She needs to find a way to force Nina to give up her part. As Lily says to Nina in an attempt to dislodge her confidence, “A rough start, huh? Must have been pretty humiliating.”

Personality… petty, manipulative, and ruthless. Lily knows that her frank sexuality and passionate energy intimidate Nina, who is slightly immature. Lily is good at violently bullying her more innocent rival: “What are you going to do? Run home to mommy?”


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