Lily Finnerty
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Lily Finnerty

Grounded for Life

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About Her

Grew Up… in Staten Island with her overbearing father, Sean, her stubborn mother, Claudia, and her two horrible (in her mind) younger brothers, Jimmy and Henry. She also had the influence of her judgmental grandfather, Walt, and her crazy uncle, Eddie. Perhaps due to the fact that Sean and Claudia had her when they were just 18, Lily became a very badly behaved young woman. Despite this, her family loves her.

Living… with her family in their house in Staten Island. Despite the fact that she has her own room, Lily believes that she never gets the privacy that she deserves, with her father always barging in and her brothers always stealing her stuff and mother always snooping. She can usually be found screaming and stomping around in her room.

Profession… student at St. Finnian, a Catholic school. Lily hates school and isn’t very smart, so she barely tries and gets terrible grades. Even though her parents push her to do her best, she refuses and does her worst.

Interests… boys, beauty, being an adult, blaming her parents, hating her mom.

Relationship Status… single. Lily is boy-crazy. Too bad the only boy who seems to pay attention to her is the neighbor kid, Brad. Lily blames her lack of a boyfriend on her attractive mother. Even Brad has a crush on her!

Challenge… getting her parents to treat her like the adult that she thinks she is. Lily believes that she is a very mature and responsible young woman even though she is the exact opposite. Regardless of who she really is, nothing and no one can stop her delusion that she deserves all the freedom and responsibility of a real adult. To prove this point, she’s usually heard retorting, “But everyone else will and I’ll look like a loser!” Real adult.

Personality… selfish, narcissistic, unintelligent, crafty. Despite her lack of enthusiasm in school, Lily is very street-smart and knows how to get what she wants from her parents. When she doesn’t get what she wants from them, she knows how to get it by her own means. In general, she’s not a very good daughter or sister. She’s rude and mean to almost everyone in her family. Her only redeeming quality is the occasional moment of clarity in which she realizes how awful she is. For instance when she admits, “I really am a bad big sister. I’m selfish, I’m needy, I’m a bad listener…” Emphasis on "occasional."

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