Lilly Dillon
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Lilly Dillon

The Grifters

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About Her

Living… in San Diego.

Visiting… Los Angeles for a few weeks. Thought she’d drop in on her long-lost son. She doesn't like cities. She’s a very light sleeper, traffic noise keeps her wide awake all night.

Profession… grifter. Her boss, “is a guy named Bobo Justus, back in Baltimore. When a long shot gets too much action, I have to put money on that horse at the track, because it's the only way to get the odds down.” She keeps Bobo happy and he gets his cut.

Interests… trying to get his son Roy out of the grifting game. The key is getting rid of his money. If she keeps it around, it'll just make him think how clever he is. It'll be a temptation to get back into the game. By stealing his money, she’s actually saving his life and being a great mother. At least, that’s what she thinks. 

Relationship Status… single, and unphased by it. It's her son's love life she’s worried about. He's too good for small-time crooks like Myra. Lilly’s seen people like her before. Double-tough and sharp as they come, and they get what they want or else. But they don't make it work forever.

Challenge… getting out of this business alive. She’s been wanting out of the racket for years, and now she’s out. She can make a clean start, maybe, if Roy stays out of the racket too. If she knows he isn't tied up with Bobo then she won't have to worry about him dying. She’s staying in just to keep him out at this point.

Personality… trapped and guilt-ridden. She’s smart and good-looking. She shouldn't have any trouble finding a job. But she’s never had a legit job in her life. A square job and a quiet life is completely beyond her capabilities. She doesn’t know what to do with herself. It's a big world out there!

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