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Grew Up... on Dionysus. Lilith was born on Dionysus, a planet few seem to know much about.

Living... on Pandora. Pandora is a mysterious recently discovered planet full of hostile alien wildlife. However, rumors also say it’s full of extremely valuable treasure just waiting to be found, making it a box of riches that countless greedy souls from throughout the galaxy come to try and open.

Profession... Crimson Raider. Lilith is part of the Crimson Raiders, a group of former soldiers now setting off to find new adventures on Pandora from their rebel base Sanctuary.

Interests... exploring her powers. Lilith is a Siren, a woman with incredible mystical powers. There are only six in the whole universe, so she wants to learn more about her abilities as they are getting stronger all the time.

Relationship Status... in a relationship with ex-soldier and fellow Crimson Raider co-founder Roland. However, even if they survive the dangers of Pandora, their relationship might not.

Challenge... defeating Hyperion. Using her Siren magic, Lilith aids her allies in the fight against Hyperion, the brutal arms company that has enslaved Pandora.
Personality... other-worldly. As a Siren, Lilith is both feared and revered. Her wanted poster charges her with crimes of witchcraft. Even she doesn’t fully understand what she is. But this doesn’t frighten her; it just makes her more curious. As she says, “Is there no end to my power?”

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