Lil Z

Lil Z

    City of God
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… a sociopath. Even at a very young age, Lil Z – then known at Lil Dice – had no compassion for human life, no respect for friendship, and (perhaps surprisingly) no interest in the opposite sex. When he accompanies local gang “The Tender Trio” on a run-of-the-mill robbery, he impulsively turns it into a mass killing – at least according to legend. He learns how to kill in cold blood and repeats this sick act again and again.

Living… as one of the most powerful people in the City of God, a favela (slum) in Rio de Janeiro. Lil Z controls a large portion of the drug trade in his favela – and if it wasn’t for Carrot, a rival drug dealer, Lil Z would be the only drug lord around. He’s constantly in a turf war, killing people left and right to gain control over the place he calls home. Lil Z would be even more ruthless if wasn’t held somewhat in check by his likable and even-tempered best friend Benny, his second-in-command.

Profession… drug dealer. Lil Z manages the largest operation in the City of God. Mostly dealing cocaine, he manages to make a fortune and build his own private army of soldiers. Armed with illegal weapons and child soldiers, the police are afraid to mess with his turf, and they opt to turn a blind eye to his mayhem, further empowering the beast.

Interests… power, sadism, just about anything that would appeal to a blatant sociopath. Lil Z doesn’t hide his sadistic pleasures. He openly kills fellow gang members, and even orders one small child to kill another child just to teach them a lesson.

Relationship Status… single. Lil Z is a notoriously ugly guy. He seems to have some interest in sex, but no interest in any kind of lasting emotional connection. Then his jealousy over a beautiful girl starts the biggest war the City of God has ever seen. The beautiful girl’s handsome boyfriend, Knockout Ned, watches as Lil Z rapes the girl. Lil Z makes the mistake of letting Knockout Ned live, and this is the beginning of Knockout Ned’s all-out war against Lil Z. In Lil Z’s own regretful words, “Why didn’t I kill that guy?”

Challenge… taking out Carrot’s gang. Lil Z has wanted to be the undisputed gang lord of the City of God since he was a kid. He’s gone through years of violent struggle to become as powerful as he is now, and people think he’s going to give it all up because some challenger wants a cut of the cake? Not a chance. The City of God belongs to Lil Z.

Personality… pure evil. He kills, he rapes, he engages in just about every criminal activity imaginable. His only redeeming characteristic is his love for his best friend Benny, but that might end up doing Benny more harm than good.


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