Final Fantasy Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as Claire Farron. When both of her parents died while she was still young, Claire changed her name to Lightning in an attempt to grow up faster and leave her past behind. As she says, “As long as I was fighting, nothing else was real. I was running away.”

Living... in Cocoon. Cocoon is a floating, hollow, spherical continent housing a futuristic society. It is controlled by Sanctum, a theocracy mostly dedicated to keeping citizens away from Gran Pulse, the mystical wilds that exist outside of the city.

Profession... Savior. When the universe is 13 days away from destruction, the mysterious god Bhunivelze tasks Lightning with rescuing remaining souls and ferrying them to what will become the new world.

Interests… protecting her sister. With no other family left, Lightning became very protective of her kind-hearted little sister Serah. She was especially concerned with Serah’s relationship with Snow Villiers.

Relationship Status... single. Lightning is a very solitary woman. However, through her adventures, she does start to slowly collect a group of good friends. 

Challenge... completing her focus. When a human is branded by a fal’Cie, supernatural beings, they become an l’Cie. The l’Cie then must complete a certain goal or risk devolving into a monstrous Cie’th. However, the goal is rarely clear. So when Lightning and her allies are branded l’Cie, they must discover and complete their focus before it is too late.                                                                                      

Personality... closed off. Lightning tries to remain as emotionless as possible, both to mask her inner pain as well as to complete her arduous tasks more efficiently. But eventually she discovers that she is just denying an essential part of who she is. 


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