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Lightning McQueen


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Grew up… in a world populated entirely by talking, sentient cars. With no sign of any humans, these vehicles rule the world. And what’s a car’s favorite form of entertainment? Stock car racing.

Living… in the glitz and glamor of the speed-racing world. Cocky to a fault, rookie racecar Lightning McQueen may be a skilled athlete, but his arrogance eventually costs him first place at the Motor Speedway of the South. As a result, he has to race in a tiebreaker at the Los Angeles International Speedway to determine if he'll take home the coveted Piston Cup.

Visiting... Radiator Springs, a once popular but now forgotten tourist destination. While being transported to California, Lightning gets separated from his transport truck, Mack, and ends up getting lost in the last place he wants to be.

Profession… racecar. The Michael Jordan of the racing world, Lightning McQueen is a young hot shot and he knows it.

Interests… winning, himself, and going extremely fast, all times. His catchphrase? "Speed? I am speed." However, after being chased down by the Radiator Springs sheriff, Lightning gets sentenced by the judge Doc Hudson to the arduous task of repaving the town's road. Though initially resentful, Lightning's respect for the judge soars when he finds out the stoic Doc Hudson was once a racing legend.

Relationship Status… developing a relationship with Sally, the Radiator Springs attorney and owner of the Cozy Cone Motel. But can Lightning learn to appreciate the slower life she's cultivated in Radiator Springs?

Challenge… making it to the Los Angeles International by the time of the race. Initially, Lightning is so impatient get out of town that he does a hasty job – but over time, the young racecar learns to slow down and love the other residents of Radiator Springs.

Personality… arrogant, stubborn, and impatient. However, Lightning eventually realizes that life in the fast lane isn't all it's cracked up to be, and that winning isn't everything.

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