Lieutenant Worf
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Lieutenant Worf

Star Trek: The Next Generation

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About Him

Living... as the first Klingon to enroll in and complete his time at Starfleet Academy. Eventually he ends up on the USS Enterprise exploring the unknown and getting into adventures all over the universe.

Profession... Lieutenant under Captain Jean-Luc Picard. As a skilled warrior and member of the Klingon race, he’s an invaluable asset when the Enterprise comes up against enemy Klingon forces. Worf fights honorably under Picard, and is allowed to break dress code and wear a Klingon sash over his uniform.

Interests… soccer, battle, Klingon operas. Worf is a jack of many trades, and his versatility is necessary for his job as Lieutenant.

Relationship Status... married to Jadzia Dax, a Starfleet science officer from the planet Trill. They began dating after he became extremely impressed by her knowledge of Klingon culture and history. She was not his first love, though. As a young man he was in a tumultuous relationship with K’ehleyr, a half-Klingon woman with whom he had a son named Alexander.

Challenge... reconciling his violent Klingon heritage with his adoptive Federation upbringing. Though the Klingons are a warrior species, Worf was raised to be kind and caring. He always feels like an outsider, no matter how many friends he makes on the Enterprise.          

Personality... conservative, quiet, and occasionally humorless. He gets emotional when talking about his birth planet, but usually he maintains the highest level of composure as he feels it’s necessary to downplay his aggressive Klingon genes.

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