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Liberty Valance

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

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About Him

Overview… outlaw, fear-monger, and menace. Valance rides around the Wild West robbing stagecoaches and causing trouble wherever he goes. Whenever he rides into the frontier town of Shinbone, flanked by his pair of lackeys, the whole place practically comes to a standstill. Few citizens (especially the town marshal) dare stand up to him, lest they feel the wrong end of his silver-knobbed whip. He is jurisprudence in his own right, conceiving his own vision of “Western law.” Shinbone’s best, and maybe only, hope against him is an unintimidated local named Tom Doniphon.

Personality… trigger-happy and barbarous. Valance is nothing more than a big bully. When he goes into a place, he has about as much decency as Attila the Hun – whipping people right and left, stealing food and booze, throwing bottles, and shooting his revolver into the sky. Not only will he make you regret the day you were born, he will enjoy it, too.

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Liberty Valance
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