Libby Masters
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Libby Masters

Masters of Sex

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About Her

Grew up… in a time when people were a bit more, shall we say, private. Libby isn’t used to all of this business about science and sex. Some things just shouldn’t be discussed in polite company.

Living… with her husband, Dr. Bill Masters, in St. Louis, Mo. Libby wants to dedicate her life to a child, though she and her husband are having a bit of difficulty conceiving.

Interests… motherhood. Libby isn’t very interested in how a baby is made, she only seems to care about the end product. As she puts it, “The purpose of sex isn’t to have an orgasm. It’s making life!”

Relationship Status… married. Having such a busy husband can be a bit disconcerting at times. Libby, though, is “used to sharing Bill.” She’s had to share him with his other passion, science, since they first met.

Challenge… pleasing her emotionally distant husband. Libby feels Bill slipping away. He’s in the middle of an important new project at the university, a study of human sexuality, and is coming into contact with all kinds of sordid things that may lure him away from her.

Personality… simple, sweet, responsible, and loving. Though she senses that she may not be satisfying her more worldly husband. She worries, “Maybe someday someone he shares a passion with will have more to offer him than his wife.”

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