Liam Foxwell

Liam Foxwell

    Black Mirror

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in a world where every waking moment is recorded by a tiny camera that sits behind each person’s ear. Called “grains,” these memories are searchable, and every moment in the past can be watched again and again on a TV screen. Liam has been able to get an upgrade that will allow three decades of memory backup for free.

Profession… lawyer. Liam had a big meeting with three partners at his firm. His future working in law is to be determined, but the odds are that his appraisal didn't go too well. Liam has a new baby on the way with his wife Fi that he needs to provide for, so he hopes that he’ll be able to keep his job.

Relationship Status... happily married, at least he thought so. When Liam was with a group of Fi’s old friends, he suspects something may be going on between Fi and and her friend Jonas. Liam is searching through his memories from the dinner party and notices the looks Fi gives Jonas are more loving than the ones she gives him.

Challenge... dealing with his suspicions about Fi. He may be paranoid, but Liam can’t help but become obsessed with finding out if there is something going on between Fi and Jonas.

Personality... polite, hardworking, and neurotic. Liam has a lot of love for his family, and he hopes his wife is a loyal to him as he is to her. Liam has a bad habit of overthinking things, which, combined with the use of the "grain" is taking a toll on his sanity.


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