Li Mu Bai
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Li Mu Bai

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

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About Him

Living… in Qing dynasty China, during the late 1770s. Mu Bai’s life is simple and dignified, as befits a proper Wudang swordsman.

Visiting… Beijing. Mu Bai rushes to the capital after receiving news that Jade Fox, his master’s killer, is in town. During the course of his mission for vengeance, he teams up with his cherished friend Yu Shu Lien and meets the petulant Jiao Long, whom he tries to take under his wing.

Profession… ex-Wudang warrior. After years of searching and failing to find Jade Fox, Li Mu Bai relinquishes his sword, saying, “Too many men have died at its edge,” and decides to distance himself from his warrior past. His retirement is short-lived, however, as he finally discovers Jade Fox’s location.

Interests… honing his swordsmanship and meditating. Li Mu Bai is dedicated to his art, spending most of his waking moments working on both the physical and philosophical aspects of being a Wudang warrior.

Relationship Status… single, but in love. Li Mu Bai has had feelings for his fellow warrior Yu Shu Lien for a long time. Unfortunately, Shu Lien was betrothed to another who passed away, and to act on his feelings would be a breach of tradition. Thus, Mu Bai must settle for lingering glances and half-smiles.

Challenge… avenging his master’s death and passing on his skills to a worthy pupil. Mu Bai has been searching for Jade Fox in almost every corner of the country, polishing his martial arts abilities so that he may one day defeat her. In addition, Mu Bai also seeks an apprentice to continue the legacy of Wudang martial arts. He finds a perfect candidate in Jiao Long, who's ambitious and incredibly talented. Unfortunately, she also lacks the humility to accept instruction.

Personality… courteous and composed. Li Mu Bai is a master of restraint: his fighting skills are legendary, but he only uses them if diplomacy fails. His love for Shu Lien is deep and steadfast, but he keeps their relationship strictly platonic. But even as self-control contributes to his greatness as a warrior, it often prevents him from experiencing true happiness.

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