Lexie Grey

Lexie Grey

    Grey's Anatomy
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... happy and popular. Lexie was raised by her loving parents Thatcher and Susan Grey. She grew up alongside her younger sister Molly and they were both shocked to learn much later in life that they also have an older half-sister named Meredith Grey from their father’s first marriage. 

Living... in Seattle, Washington. She moved back to the city after graduating from Harvard Medical School to be close to her dad and hopefully get to know her mysterious half-sister.

Profession... surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital. And like most interns, Lexie often feels like she’s in entirely over her head. It’s one thing to excel at medical school, but flourishing in the high-pressured world of a hospital is something else entirely—particularly when her mentor Cristina Yang can’t even be bothered to remember her name.

Interests... binge eating when stressed, putting her photographic memory (which earned her the nickname “Lexipedia”) to good use, and supporting her friends.

Relationship Status... single. There are more than enough eligible bachelors at Seattle Grace, but Lexie’s too busy with her internship to notice… for now.

Challenge... getting to know her sister. Lexie would love nothing more than to have a relationship with the sister she never knew she had. Unfortunately, dark and twisty Meredith isn’t so keen on adding any peppy new family members to her life. Although Lexie is determined to break down Meredith’s walls, Big Grey sure isn’t making it easy for Little Grey.

Personality... optimistic, empathetic, vulnerable, and a little unsure of herself. Lexie’s perky, awkward personality can be both endearing and off-putting, but she always means well. She hates confrontation and instead often falls into self-pity. Lexie wants to see the best in people and she’s devastated when they disappoint her. But her innate empathy also makes her a devoted and caring doctor. She once asked, “I know that I am supposed to toughen up. I know that I am supposed to not care. But how do you not care?”


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