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Lex Luthor


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About Him

Living... in Smallville Kansas where he runs his father’s LuthorCorp fertilizer plant. When Lex’s car goes off the road, a teenager named Clark Kent happens to be there to save him. But how did Clark do it? Lex is obsessed to find out.

Profession... working for his father, the ruthless Lionel Luthor. He desperately wants the elder Luthor’s approval, but his hard work never seems to be enough. In his downtime, he investigates the strange green meteor rocks that pepper the farms of Smallville, and how Clark Kent might be related to them. 

Interests… success, at any and all costs. A great mind in the arenas of science and business, Lex tries to avoid becoming as heartless as his father. But the obsessive traits he inherited might get in the way of that noble attempt at self-improvement.

Relationship Status... complicated. Lex cycles through one-night stands quicker than Smallville goes through supernatural threats. Lex has gone through a series of intense romances, though some may have been augmented by mind control or other Kryptonite-based extortion schemes.

Challenge... being a better businessman than his father, even as his investigations into the green meteor rocks and Clark Kent begin to consume his daily life. Viewers may know his ultimate destiny as Superman’s arch-nemesis but what set of circumstances lead him to a life of evil doing? Is it his choice or is the deck stacked against him?

Personality... obsessive, intelligent, and empathetic. He refuses to move back to Metropolis when his father wants him to work in the city, citing his friendship with Clark and other relationships he developed while in town. But he’s also got a selfish side that may ultimately be his undoing.

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