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Lester Nygaard


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About Him

Grew up… unhappily. Lester was frequently picked on by high school bullies, Sam Hess and Bill Oswalt. Lester is an easy target for abuse, and he’s been pushed around for most of his life.

Living… in Bemidji, Minnesota. Lester lives with his wife in their small but comfortable suburban home. Bemidji often gets pretty cold, and is very prone to blizzards.

Profession… life insurance salesman. Lester works for Bo Munk Insurance, but he’s a pretty incompetent salesman. The last time he tried to sell something to somebody, they ran out of the building in terror.

Interests… himself. Lester’s sad life has made self-preservation his most central goal and interest.

Relationship Status… unhappily married. Lester’s wife Pearl is always on his case about one thing or another, from his inability to fix the broken washing machine to his general inferiority in comparison to his brother, Chaz. Lester’s at the end of his rope, and he just might snap if she doesn’t stop nagging him.

Challenge… avoiding getting caught. People have walked all over Lester since high school, and he’s getting fed-up. When a mysterious con artist named Lorne Malvo shows up in town, Lester confesses to him that he wishes Malvo could kill the bullies in his life for him. When one of his bullies turns up dead the next day, the police begin to suspect that he might be involved given his motive, and Lester panics.

Personality… self-centered, dishonest, and bumbling. Although Lester seems to be just a normal guy who couldn’t hurt a fly if he tried, underneath it all he’s more sinister than he appears. When pushed to the extreme, Lester will lie, cheat, and betray in order to save himself.

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