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About Her

Grew up… in Ruatha Hold, one of the settlements on the planet Pern. Her parents were in charge of the hold, and her life was good – that is, until nearby holder Fax decided he didn’t have enough land, and killed her family in order to take over their hold. Lessa only survived by hiding deep within the caves.

Living… still in Ruatha, but disguised. Unwilling to leave her family home and her rightful place, Lessa disguises herself as a servant, using her psychic abilities to make herself unrecognizable to both Fax and the other servants. It’s a tough life, full of drudgery and abuse, but Lessa's got an iron will and an even stronger thirst for revenge.

Profession… drudge responsible for cleaning, cooking, and fetching. Lessa was brought up more or less a noblewoman, and now she’s with the lowest of the low. If she gets her way, though, all that will soon change.

Interests… dragons. Lessa has strong psychic ability, which she uses to talk to the dragons that occasionally visit the hold. She also takes every opportunity to extract petty revenge on Fax.

Relationship Status… single. Life as a drudge doesn’t leave much time for romance.

Challenge… reclaiming her hold. Lessa’s plan is to make Ruatha so troublesome and worthless that Fax doesn’t want it anymore, and gives it up. In order to do this, she sabotages its economy, causes misunderstandings, and manipulates everyone psychically. But even if this works, it might not be enough to get her hold back.

Personality… stubborn. Lessa was born strong-willed, and years of abuse haven’t changed that. Rather, they’ve only made her more headstrong and short-tempered. She’s willing to manipulate people with her powers, as long as it gets her something she wants. But there is a more personable side to her, if someone can get her to open up…

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