Leslie Reigart
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Leslie Reigart

Behind Enemy Lines

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About Him

Overview… Navy admiral with an aviator in trouble. Admiral Reigart is sitting down to dinner aboard his aircraft carrier when he hears that one of his pilots, Chris Burnett, has been shot down in enemy territory during the Bosnian War. He immediately heads to the command room, where he mobilizes all the Navy’s resources in order to get his pilot home. Butting heads with NATO commanders and facing technical problems, Admiral Reigart aims to keep in contact with his pilot, assuring him that he will be safe aboard the ship soon.

Personality… foreceful, direct, and unworried about politeness. Leslie Reigart didn’t become an admiral in the Navy by accident. His stern demeanor and blunt matter of speaking make him ideal for the position. Unafraid to step on toes, Admiral Reigart advocates strongly for decisive measures to be taken in recovering his lost pilot, even at the expense of international political relations. This initiative often leaves him frustrated in his command room, motivating him to suit up and join in the action – at great potential risk to his career. 

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