Leslie Higgins

Leslie Higgins

    Ted Lasso

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in London, England. Leslie lives a very comfortable, yet humble life afforded by years of hard work at his job. He always looks forward to going home and spending time with his family.

Profession… in charge of operations at AFC Richmond, a Premier League club. Leslie works closely under Rebecca Welton, the owner of the club, and primarily does as he is directed by her. They do consider one another friends, although they often butt heads, with Leslie disagreeing with the direction Rebecca wants to take the club.

Interests… hanging out with his friends in the clubhouse. Leslie is often in the clubhouse chatting with the so-called “Diamond Dogs,” as head coach Ted Lasso calls them, which is a close group of friends among the club consisting of Ted, Leslie, assistant coach, Coach Beard, and kit man, Nathan Shelley.

Relationship Status… happily married. Much of Leslie’s focus in life is supporting his wife and children, all of whom he loves dearly.

Challenge… standing up for himself and others. Leslie sometimes struggles with being assertive and is often susceptible to being pushed around by his superiors. He feels a natural obligation to do his job as he is told—especially because he needs the salary to support his family, which is his number one priority. However, when what he is told conflicts with his values and morals, he must figure out how to advocate for what is right in the face of criticism and uncertainty.

Personality… loyal, humble, and incredibly friendly. Leslie keeps his ego in check and always remains upbeat and approachable. He is an outstanding mentor to all. As he says, “a good mentor hopes you’ll move on. A great mentor knows you will.” Those who have Leslie as a mentor are truly lucky.


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