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Leopold Gareth

Kate & Leopold

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About Him

Living… in New York City, where he’s traveled through time from his 1870’s English estate. He stumbled through a time portal, and while at first he thought he had been kidnapped, he soon realizes that he’s actually in the 21st century. Stuart, the man who discovered him, is letting him stay in his apartment, but Leopold still lacks the ability to fit in when navigating the modern world.

Profession… Duke of Albany. Leopold is a dreamer, but his uncle is pressuring him to get married to an heiress, and restore the family fortune. Leopold is less interested in continuing the hereditary nobility, and more interested in the scientific possibilities of the future, saying that the new nobility are those that do, not those that are.

Interests… science and invention. Leopold originally fell through the portal when he was trying to investigate an interesting camera, and his progressive views are one of the things about him that his uncle doesn’t approve of. He is fascinated by the Brooklyn Bridge, and by things like elevators.

Relationship Status… in love. Stuart’s ex-girlfriend Kate stopped by his apartment to get something, and Leopold fell in love with her instantly. He likes that she has a career, even. Hopefully time won’t keep them apart.

Challenge… getting home and bringing Kate with him. By being in the modern day he’s tampering with fate, preordinance, and God himself.  But now, he has something to stay for – namely, Kate. He doesn’t want to abandon true love, but he knows he belongs in his own time period. Unfortunately, Stuart has disappeared, and Leopold doesn’t know how to re-open a time portal.

Personality… courteous, inquisitive, and moral. Leopold appears to modern people to be the picture of a gentleman – he stands when a lady enters the room, he speaks delicately about offensive matters, and he still thinks a lady should be informed in writing if he intends to court her. But by the standards of his uncle and other peers, he is an idle daydreamer not concerned with tradition and rules. Leopold wants more from his life, saying, “In a life as stagnant as mine, that I can amuse myself at all is an evolutionary miracle.”

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