Lena Duchannes

Lena Duchannes

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... without much stability. Lena’s parents died when she was four and since then she’s lived in “pretty much every state that seceded from the Union.” 

Living... in Gatlin, South Carolina. It’s the latest in a long list of places Lena has been shipped to. Her uncle Macon Ravenswood (a.k.a. “Old Man Ravenswood”) is a legendary town recluse and many believe he’s a devil-worshipper. 

Profession... high school student. Lena enrolls in the local Gatlin school at the start of her junior year. The rest of the students don’t take kindly to her, teasing her for her odd family. But little do they know that her family are actually magical beings with the ability to cast spells. Asked if that means she’s a witch, Lena explains, “Calling us ‘witches’ is like calling the smart kids ‘geeks’ or the athletes ‘jocks.’ We prefer the term ‘Caster.’”

Interests... using her magic to collect poetry and trying to enjoy normal human things like baking cookies and going to the movies. 

Relationship Status... it’s complicated. When she arrives in Gatlin, Lena begins to fall for a charming boy in her class named Ethan Wate. She’s fearful about getting involved with a mortal, but she can’t help but be won over by Ethan’s charisma.

Challenge... discovering her true nature. Like all female casters, on her 16th birthday Lena has to face “the claiming.” Her powers will be claimed for either the dark or the light, revealing the true nature of her soul. Though Lena desperately wants to have a choice in the matter, she’s fearful that she won’t.

Personality... defensive, short-tempered, and sharp-tongued. Lena doesn’t like to let people in. She puts up the tough exterior of a loner because she’s been hurt by so many people in the past; she knows it’s the easiest way to protect herself. But underneath her prickly exterior, she’s far more sensitive than she lets on. 


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