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Lelaina Pierce

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Grew Up… the only responsible member of her family. After her parents’ divorce, Lelaina took care of the household chores while her mother struggled to deal with her heartbreak. 

Living… in Houston, Texas, after graduating from college as valedictorian. She and her friend, Vickie, live together in an apartment, while mutual friend Troy temporarily crashes on their couch.

Profession… production assistant for a kitschy local morning show. Lelaina dreams of airing her own content instead of just writing for elderly women, but her mean-spirited boss won’t hear of it.

Interests… 7-11 Big Gulps, microwave brownies, and video journalism. Lelaina is very serious about her art, and she's constantly recording both every moments of her friends’ lives. Some of these moments are fairly mundane, but Lelaina's sure she can change the world with the stories of her generation.

Relationship Status… complicated. Currently, she's torn between an attractive businessman, Michael, and her best friend, Troy, whom she can’t seem to stop fighting with. Lelaina and Michael have different values, but unlike Troy, Michael appeals to Lelaina’s desire to be a mature, put-together adult.

Challenge… staying optimistic despite the demoralizing job market. In the 1990’s recession, things have not gone according to plan for Lelaina. She laments, “I was really going to be someone by the time I was 23.” As Lelaina deals with her professional setbacks, she has some personal challenges too – choosing between doing the mature, adult thing and being herself.

Personality… responsible, clever, and idealistic. Lelaina yearns to do everything right, and for the most part, she has.

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