Lee Holtzer

Lee Holtzer

Prince of Cats

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About Him

Grew up… in a small town in Delaware, right by the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border. Lee’s family is pretty well off, and he got even luckier when he saved a cat who turned out to be the princess of cats. She granted him a wish, but he’s waiting to use it until he finds the right time. Until then, he can talk to cats just as if they were people.

Living… in the same small town. He’s hoping to move to college someday soon, though.

Profession… high school student. Lee’s passion is for the biological sciences, and he’s been applying to colleges with a strong biology program. His ultimate goal is to contribute to a cure for AIDS.

Interests… many. Aside from his love of biology, Lee’s in most of the clubs at school – prom committee, yearbook, chorus, and drama club. He’s a high-energy guy who likes to be involved in everything. You might think that being able to talk to cats might take up a lot of his time – don’t most magic powers? – but mostly he’s a pretty normal high schooler.

Relationship Status… single. It’s not easy being gay in such a small town. Lee’s best friend since the second grade is Frank Murakami, and they’ve had all kinds of adventures together. Recently, though, they’ve had a bit of a falling out. Lee really wants to repair their relationship, but it won’t be as easy as just saying sorry. It’s made even more complicated by the fact that Frank is also gay, but Lee doesn’t yet know that (just as Frank doesn’t know about Lee’s orientation).

Challenge… surviving high school in a small town, and making up with Frank. Their town isn’t particularly diverse, and people aren’t necessarily accepting of alternative lifestyles. If Lee wants to really be himself, he’s going to have to face the judgment of his community.

Personality… outgoing, energetic, and driven. Lee knows what he wants from life, and it’s been going pretty well. He just can’t quite seem to figure out his personal life. He has an unfortunate habit of putting his foot in his mouth and not realizing it. Perhaps he’s so focused on what’s ahead that he can’t see what’s here now.

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