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Grew Up… in a highly dysfunctional family. Lee’s overprotective mother and alcoholic and abusive father have caused her much pain – leading to her abysmally low self-esteem and deep depression. After an accident in what had become a routine case of cutting, Lee was sent to “the institute,” where she was given the best psychiatric care available.

Living… back at home, after her stint at the institute. Lee preferred life in the psych ward: everything was easier there. Now she’s back at home, with all of life’s subtle and disturbing complications. 

Profession… secretary for Edward Grey, an obsessive and neurotic lawyer. Upon arriving for the job interview, Lee was greeted by one of many crying, abused secretaries that came before her. It turns out that Grey is a particularly difficult man to work for – unless you know him as intimately as Lee has come to know him.

Relationship Status… being courted by a sweet and sincere man named Peter. But Peter’s inexperience and fragility, as endearing as they may be, are not what Lee wants or needs from a man. Rather, it is her dominant and (tenderly) abusive boss who fulfills her real desires. She loves the spankings she gets from him so much that she intentionally includes spelling mistakes in the documents she types for him. Although it is far from a politically correct office relationship, it works for her; she has never been happier. 

Challenge… convincing her boss that they share something real. Lee is certain that her relationship with the difficult Edward is true love, but he is not as sure.

Personality… awkward, shy, and extremely fragile. Life hasn’t always been easy for Lee. She finds little comfort in her terrible family life, and has trouble asserting even the mildest amount of independence. It is only when she meets Edward that she discovers her own true power. 

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