Lee Everett

Lee Everett

    The Walking Dead (Video Game)

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... in Macon, Georgia, where his family ran the local drug store. Lee got away as soon as he could and didn’t talk to his family much – something he now regrets.

Living... in a zombie apocalypse. A mysterious plague has turned the world into a zombie-filled wasteland. For Lee, every day is now just another struggle to collect supplies, find other survivors, and stay alive.

Profession... professor. Lee taught history for six years at the University of Georgia. Although due to his recent conviction, he was just about to lose his job for good.

Interests… teaching. Although he is no longer a professor, Lee’s teaching instincts still shine through during his fight to survive. He teaches his surrogate daughter Clementine how to shoot a gun, the importance of keeping her hair short, and most importantly, how to kill someone out of mercy.   

Relationship Status... divorced. Lee was once happily married, but one day he found his wife in bed having an affair with a state senator. Lee then murdered the senator and was sentenced to prison. However, the zombie outbreak allowed him to escape before even reaching the jail. 

Challenge... protecting Clementine. One of the first survivors Lee finds is a little girl named Clementine, whose parents were away when the zombie outbreak occurred. She’s been left all alone, and Lee soon finds himself feeling responsible for the little girl. Clementine can often be a liability, but she also gives Lee a reason to keep on living.                                                                                             

Personality... a survivor. Lee is a complicated person who deals with situations in a variety of different ways – sometimes cold and angry, sometimes warm and nurturing. Lee adjust to his environment and does whatever it takes to survive. He often finds himself acting as a leader within the group, and is sometimes called to make the hard decisions that affect who lives and dies.


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