Lee Chandler
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Lee Chandler

Manchester By The Sea

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About Him

Living... as a live-in janitor in a small Massachusetts apartment building when he learns his brother has died and he’s called on to take care of his nephew. Lee liked the solitary life he led, where his only interactions were with tenants and bar patrons on the receiving end of drunken punches. Now he’s alone with an angsty teen.

Profession... janitor. It’s almost meditative for him, shoveling snow day after day and fixing the same apartments time and time again. Once he becomes his nephew Patrick’s guardian, his priorities and day-to-day duties and responsibilities change drastically.

Interests… drinking, fighting, and fishing.

Relationship Status...  divorced. He was with his ex-wife Randi for over a decade but they’ve been estranged ever since a terrible tragedy hit their family. Now he has no interest in opening his heart again. Unlike the women people try to set him up with, he’s not afraid of long, uncomfortable silences.

Challenge... taking care of his nephew, Patrick. Patrick just lost his father and is in no mood for Lee to tell him how to live his life. Patrick wants his girlfriend to sleep over every night and in situations like this, Lee has no idea how to parent. His brother, Patrick’s father, was always a strong presence in both of their lives and they’d both be a lot more comfortable if he were still alive.      

Personality... guarded, angry, and deeply hurt. He was already depressed when he found out his brother passed away, and now he’s needed in Patrick’s life. He’s not sure he has the capacity to love again or the strength to allow himself to be vulnerable. It’s going to be a long winter stuck in a sad house with Patrick.

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