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A Quiet Place

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Living... in complete silence. The world was turned upside down by the arrival of blind alien creatures who hunt by sound. They left the planet a wasteland, and now the only people who are able to survive are those who can live their lives without making a sound. Lee and his family largely communicate through American Sign Language.

Profession... survivor and father. Before the invasion, Lee used to be an engineer, but now survival is his only priority. Ever resourceful, Lee and his wife Evelyn have designed systems to avoid alien detection and created a (mostly) safe home for their children.

Interests... living through an apocalypse doesn’t leave much time for hobbies, but Lee spends most of his free time attempting to improve his deaf daughter’s cochlear implant.

Relationship Status... married. Their horrific situation has only strengthened the bond between Lee and his wife Evelyn. They rely on each other for strength, support, and love. Despite the immense difficulties they’ve lived through, there is still joy in their life as well. Evelyn is expecting a new baby any day now.

Challenge... protecting his family. Following a devastating loss early in the alien invasion, Lee grew even more obsessively protective of his family. Lee mostly focuses on practicalities, like trying to contact other survivors and creating a soundproof room for the baby. He also wants to instill a strong survival instinct in his kids so that they will be able to survive even if something happens to their parents.

Personality... resourceful, brave, and stoic. In his focus on survival and pragmatism, Lee can sometimes seem indifferent or detached, which is a source of stress in his relationship with his oldest daughter Regan. However, shutting himself off emotionally is simply how Lee copes with tragedy. Beneath his stoic exterior, he’s actually a deeply loving, deeply devoted man who would do anything for his family. Lee’s bravery knows no bounds, particularly when it comes to his children.

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